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Fellow Zodiac Builder's Webpages
Roger's Zodiac 601HDS Webpage
Chris Boultinghouse's Zodiac 601HDS Webpage (Scratch Builder)
WebRing - A List of Fellow Zodiac Builder's Webpages...

Experimental Airplane and Homebuilt Organizations
The Homebuilt Org. - Non-profit reference on experimental aircraft

Helpful Reference Web Pages for Builders
Metal Working Website
Fuel System - Good Article on Installation and Problems

Aviation Humor Links
Rod Machado's Aviation Audio Excerpts from Tape Series

Web Author & Special Interests Links
Don Honabach

PC Perfect
Creator of this website & 601HDS builder
2740 S. Hardy Drive
Suite #1
Tempe, AZ 85282
602.966.0772 Voice

Leroy Enterprises
Dealer for JPX Engines, Zenith Aircraft Co., & FlightStar

Zenith Aircraft Company
Light Plane Kit Aircraft Designer & Kit Manufacturer
Mexico Memorial Airport
PO BOX 650
Mexico Missouri, 65265-0650 USA
573.581.9000 Voice
573.581.0011 Fax

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